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Bedrock Plague



Play Minecraft but as a Virus. Infect mobs, mutate and adapt to your environment or evolve to progress. A continuous and endless gameplay, until you lose. Crafted from various inspiration.


- Up to 5 different categories to use and level up with: Transmission, Symptoms, Lethality, Resilience and Genetic Reshuffle!

- Evolve your Transmission to infect more mobs!

- Mutating symptoms increases infectivity between mobs!

- Lethality starts to kill the infected!

- Genetic Reshuffle grants additional chance in many ways!

- Hover onto mobs to infect them!

- Collect DNA points to use for evolving!

- Track uninfected mobs using the Navigator, which can be unlocked at Transmission Level V!


This add-on is up to date.


.ZIP password is [r4isen1920]

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