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Conveniently pass through the dangers of the night on a multiplayer world! Suitable for multiplayer use, and is intended to work for Realms. Very simple, and lightweight add-on to use. This update includes more 1.16 and Realms support; and may no longer work in Minecraft versions 1.16 or below!


- Lightweight and simple add-on!

- Featuring the One-Player Sleep System!

- Works in multiplayer, perhaps in realms too-- not in servers.

Hey, Content Stealers!

Do NOT, EVER, re-upload any of my content even if others asks for a direct link. It is my hard work, and I ask you to respect my decisions. 

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Published & Available

Enjoy, and Thank You for your download!

Having trouble? Visit the guide page for help in downloading this add-on.


I create Minecraft content, particularly Add-Ons for Bedrock Edition. I started submitting content on MCPE DL on 2019.

This site was created in order provide a space for my content creations, and mainly to prevent the use of my content without my permission.

Skin render is created by Starlk. 

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Every cent could be equivalent to one coal, SERVING AS A FUEL TO MY GOAL. It is dependent on how you see it. 

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